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  • Hummer H2 Sweepstakes

    Imagine winning a new Hummer H2!  Click here to complete the online survey and you’ll be automatically entered to win a Hummer H2 in the 2004 Quarterly Sweepstakes!
  • Jaguar S-Type Sweepstakes

    Complete the online survey and automatically be entered to win a new Jaguar S-Type in the 2004 Quarterly Sweepstakes! Click here to enter!
  • Dell Dimension Computer

    Take a quick online survey and get a chance to win a new Dell Dimension™ 4600 C space-saver computer with Flat Panel display, or an Inspiron™ 5100 Notebook computer and $500 a day! Click here!.
  • $50,000 Complete Vehicle Makeover

    Embarrassed to drive your friends around? Avoid valet parking like a seat next to a sneezing kid in a crowded theatre? What if your car were customized so much you couldn't recognize it? Take a brief survey and you're entered in the Sweepstakes. If you win, we'll give you $50,000 towards a complete vehicle makeover! Click here to get started!
  • Free Movie Theater Pass For 1 YEAR!

    Do you like movies? Really like movies? Enter to win a one FULL YEAR movie pass to the theatre of your choice that INCLUDES trips to the concession stand! Take our survey and you could be enjoying the latest hits and your favorite movie snacks on the house for one full year - click here to participate!
  • eBay Shopping Spree Sweepstakes

    Stop Browsing - Start Buying! It's fun to browse eBay, even more fun to buy. Take a brief survey and qualify to win a monthly $1,000 deposit into a personal Pay-Pal account!  Click here to take the survey and enter the sweepstakes!


  • Apple iPod & 500 Music Downloads

    Here’s your chance to win today’s hottest digital music player and 500 FREE music downloads. Just tell us about yourself in our quick online survey and you’re entered!  Click here to get started!
  • Smoker's Flat Screen TV Sweeps

    If you are a smoker age 21 or older, you can enter to win a brand new FLAT SCREEN TV and two massage chairs worth $5000! Click here to complete the smokers survey and enter to win!
  • FREE Home Theater System Sweeps

    Here's your chance to watch TV in style! Enter for your chance to win a Home Theater System delivered to your house FREE OF CHARGE! That's right, you pay nothing at all! Just enter and wait!  Click here!


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